15 Biting Illustrations That Uncover All the Ills of the World

Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka are twin Israeli illustrators who are famous for their extraordinary paintings. Bright and highly philosophical, their works accurately present the authors’ vision of the modern world.
We here at Bright Side are deeply impressed with the artists’ talent and creativity. We guarantee that these pictures will make you think about your life a little differently.

A superhero

Personal life ceases to be personal as soon as you put it online

A likecoholic

Until next summer

Of course I’m with you

The only question is: To buy or not to buy?

A flip side of the world

A second life

When parents forget about their children

A street party

Of course I’m listening


Everyone wants to get to the top

Sex tourism

A sponge brain

Preview photo credit collater and Article