21 Superb Designer Appliances That Are Ideal for Your Kitchen

Bright Side made a list of 21 designer appliances that will make your kitchen stylish and unique.

The ice cube maker that leaves polar bears and penguins in your glass

The ’legless’ corkscrew

The shark knife sharpener

An egg ninja

The baby Nessie tea-infuser

A handy bowl for nuts

A garlic-shaped spice and sauce holder

This seriously stylish lunch box

This herb-grinder

Fish scale remover

A pencil-shaped icing piper

A troop of kitchen hooks

This two-in-one colander and saucepan cover

An oil spray

The knife you’ll never cut yourself with

The ideal bowl for those who like to separate out their cereal

This stylish garlic press

This ideal cast-iron bacon press

Leave your mark with the Mark-Eat pastry brush

The incredible Juice Bruce Squeezer

This amazing wine chiller

Preview: animicausa
Preview photo credit tescoma