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This New Proof of Majorana Fermions Is Going to Be Massive For Quantum Devices

Matter that behaves like its own antimatter.
Quantum computers based on the twisting pathways of moving particles have so far lived only in theory – the particles they would rely on might not even exist.
But with the exciting discovery of electrons 'swirling' down a wire, the hunt is over for exactly the particles such quantum devices have been waiting for. Now the work of turning these theoretical computers into reality could soon be underway.

Doctors Found a Stone Almost The Size of an Ostrich Egg in a Man's Bladder

World's grossest omelette.
A 64-year-old man has had to have a bladder stone nearly as big as an ostrich egg surgically removed at a hospital in the US.
The man had been experiencing pain in his left side and reported having trouble urinating for three days, so he went to the emergency room at St. Mary Medical Center Long Beach.

Jupiter's Insane Auroras Are Powered by an Energy Source Nobody Can Explain

They are breaking Earth-like physics.
The more we find out about Jupiter, the more we discover it's really nothing like what we expected, and now the Jovian giant is perplexing scientists with what could be its greatest mystery yet.
Jupiter's spellbinding auroras are in fact the most powerful auroras in the whole Solar System, and now new measurements taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft have revealed these cosmic light shows are generated by a completely unexpected power source.

Here Are 6 of The Filthiest Things You Touch All The Time

One of the first things we learn as kids is that it's important to wash our hands.
Handwashing helps prevent the spread of disease. It can keep an office running instead of shutting it down due to a viral illness.

The Asteroid That Just Came Close to Earth Is So Huge It Has Its Own Moons

That's just all kinds of amazing.
Asteroid Florence flew by Earth last week, skimming at a distance of 7 million kilometres (4.4 million miles). It's the biggest asteroid to come this close in more than a century.
It's so big, in fact, that it has two tiny moons of its very own, according to radar images obtained by NASA when Florence was at its closest on 31 August and 1 September.

Zika Virus Could Actually Be Turned Into a Weapon Against Brain Cancer

So crazy it just might work.
News on the emergence of the mosquito-borne Zika virus in recent years has been full of heart-breaking images of infants born with a confronting neurological disorder caused by the pathogen's effects on certain stem cells.
Now researchers are proposing a daring use for the virus's talent for destroying these kinds of brain tissues; to turn it loose on an aggressive form of cancer called a glioblastoma.